Hand Forged Heart


This hand forged heart from the Malham Smithy is a delightfully simple token of love, whether you are sending it to someone special or keeping it as a memento of your own love of Malham.
Each piece is hand forged making every one unique. You can choose from a plain heart or have a personalised inscription, or have two entwined hearts interlocked.
Your heart may vary slightly from the image shown.
All sizes vary but will be approximately 12cm to 15cm.

If you would like a personalised inscription, the individual hearts can take up to 12 characters on the left and 12 characters on the right.

For entwined personalised hearts, the left heart can take 12 characters on the left, the right heart can take 12 characters on the right, plus one of the hearts can have 12 characters on the central crossover (the other crossover goes under, therefore lettering would not be visible on this side). A popular choice is to have one name on the left heart, another name on the right heart, and a date on the central crossover.
When placing an order for personalised hearts, add your inscription preference to the comments section of the checkout process.

DELIVERY - Price includes postage and packing to the UK. Please note, every item is hand forged to order, ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME 4 WEEKS
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