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Blacksmith Beginners Course

Participants to provide their own PPE to avoid cross contamination
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Become a Blacksmith for the day!

  • Courses suitable for beginners ~ One to one tuition ~ Makes an ideal gift 

Learn key Blacksmithing techniques whilst forging your own piece of art to take home

***Gift certificates available***

Book in for a Malham Smithy Blacksmith day course for beginners, focusing on learning key basic techniques that are the foundation to all blacksmiths forge work, from a simple hook to an elaborate sculpture.

What will you do?

After a simple demonstration you will get straight into having a go at forging with hammer and anvil. You will be guided to safely use the hand tools and incorporate design elements into practical forge work.
At the end of your forging day you can expect to take away a couple of pieces of your own handcrafted forge work. First being your test piece for working on techniques which could take the form of an elegant hook (or a bit of a twisted, split, tapered, punched, burnt scrap metal paperweight...) plus a finished piece such as a toasting fork, poker or coat rack.

Follow on courses are also available for people that have already attended a Malham Smithy course. These will be run on a project basis and participants are required to send details of their project design in advance. The designs will be reviewed for feasibility and materials. Please note some advanced projects will incur additional materials charges, this will be notified when the project plan is reviewed. 

Who is the day suitable for?

The day course is aimed as a one to one session, or a two person joint booking, for adults with no previous experience (or attending a follow on day), allowing you to get the most out of your time at the smithy and forge something completely bespoke to you, rather than a set group design. The day is a physical one in a centuries old traditional forge and may not be suitable for everyone. Contact the Malham Smithy if you have any injuries or disabilities before booking. Bookings cannot be taken for people under 18. Larger group bookings may be available on request, however space is very limited in the 200 year old forge. Email with details of your party if you are a larger booking and we will advise if you can be accommodated.

When are the courses run?

Dates can be arranged with Malham Smithy, both weekday and weekend courses are available. Dates can be booked at the time of purchasing via COURSE BOOKING DATES, or arranged at a later date if buying as a gift. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months and are available electronically. Dates are released on a rolling six month basis, the sooner the participant books after receiving their certificate, the more choice they will have.

The timing for the day is a 10am start, finishing at 5pm. You will have a break for lunch, good food is available to purchase in the village from The Buck Inn pub, The Lister Arms pub, the Old Barn Cafe and Beck Hall, all highly recommended. Alternatively you can bring your own packed lunch to enjoy sat by the scenic beck that runs to the side of the smithy.

What to wear?

You must provide your own safety glasses, apron and gloves. In addition you must wear FFP2 non-valved face masks at all times in the smithy, ensure you bring several masks to change throughout the day (valved masks expel unfiltered air therefore are not suitable). Wear overalls or old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or damaged, clothes should be natural fibres, cotton/denim,  not synthetic and must have full length trousers and long sleeves. You are required to wear safety boots, non steel toe caps worn at your own risk.


Safety packs are available to order in advance from the Malham Smithy:

One Person Safety Pack Contains:
- Leather safety gloves (size 8 or 10)
- Safety glasses (standard or over)
- Leather safety apron (one size)
- Disposable face masks
Total pack price per person £45. Please email if you would like to reserve a safety pack for your course, please include date of course in details. Alternatively you can buy online here:

PPE safety pack delivery options
Gloves size
Glasses style
Face masks
Course Date (if booked):

Blacksmithing for Beginners Course

Standard course costs (2020): Weekday private tuition - one to one £200, weekday 2 person £150each, Saturday two person £380 (no discount for single participation on Saturday). Please note these are one to one or two person courses, we do not add other participants to your booking.

Deposit payment required to secure a booking date, balance payable on the day of the course - please note, card facilities are not available for payment on the day. Alternatively full amount can be paid in advance.

Gift Certificates can be requested without booking a date - the recipient can then select a date on receipt. Please select below if you would like a gift certificate.

Check available course dates here with the online bookings calendar:
Course Booking Calendar

Please note, bookings will NOT be taken via the telephone or email.

Blacksmithing courses at the Malham Smithy, North Yorkshire
Courses from £150 per person
Blacksmithing course at the Malham Smithy, North Yorkshire
Exclusive gift packages available for one to one blacksmithing courses at the Malham Smithy, Yorkshire
Blacksmith courses, Yorkshire

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Book in for a Malham Smithy Blacksmith day course for beginners, focusing on learning key basic techniques that are the foundation to all blacksmiths forge work, from a simple hook to an elaborate sculpture.

Click on the payment buttons above to make a secure payment via the PayPal website. Please note Annabelle Bradley or the Malham Smithy does not see your card details at any point during the transaction.

Courses are available as weekday or weekend options, for one or two people.
Course fees are non-refundable, however if you cannot attend a date booked we will endeavour to offer alternative dates, subject to reasonable notice being given. Gift certificates are valid for 12 months.

Book your date now on the online booking calendar link below, alternatively gift certificates will be issued for the recipient to book at a later date.


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Book a course date with Malham
                     Smithy using SetMore

Course fees are non-refundable, however if you cannot attend a date booked we will endeavour to offer alternative dates, subject to reasonable notice being given.

Prices valid for courses and gift certificates as at August 2021.
Subject to change without prior notification. Bookings and gift certificates already issued will not be affected by future changes.

For general enquiries on the courses, please complete the form below. To find out about available course dates, please use the calendar link above as dates will NOT be provided by telephone or email.

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Student Reviews


June 2021. Andrea

I had the BEST day!! It was hot, at times it was heavy work...and it was brilliant! I got to turn solid, straight, hard metal into curls and swirls - the science of it all is fascinating. The smithy itself is a piece of history and full of smells and sounds you don't get anywhere else. This was a birthday present from my husband...and possibly the best one ever! Leading you through this day is Annabelle and she is such a great teacher. She explains things and supports - but never does it for you (unless it's the end of the day and you ask because you can hardly lift the hammer anymore !). Annabelle let's you learn through doing, and through making the odd mistake, so that you understand. She is patient, friendly and funny...and we laughed a lot! Book a blacksmith course! Stay at a local pub, The Lister Arms was lovely, enjoy the area. Thank you Annabelle - you gave me a day I will always remember x Recommend you ‘Do it and enjoy!'
Forged: spiral twist hook and a tall riveted, sculptural, plant support

May 2021. Lesley
Spent 2 amazing days with Annabelle learning some new skills and processes. She is a highly skilled blacksmith and an excellent teacher. The course was physically hard work (and at times hot) but a fabulous experience. Thank you Annabelle.
Forged: Two day course forged a decorative, functional test piece, plus a bespoke leg support for a table top
Time in the village: Stayed at Beck Hall which was lovely.

May 2018. Dell
Just had an excited phone call from 2 grown men telling me all about the blacksmiths course they have been on all day with Annabelle. They have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I was told 'lt was my best birthday present ever' - I have yet to see what they have made but the joy in their voices has been worth it. Thank you for your expert guidance with them both and your help and thoughtfulness when I booked the experience, suggesting and sending a gift card.

Forged: two decorative hooks, a ram's head bottle opener and a fire poker with reverse twist 


April 2018. Mel
Comments: An excellent, informative and thoroughly enjoyable day. Bit miffed to find that Annabelle could out hammer me.
What did you forge?: Hanging bracket, S hook and a pair of blacksmiths tongs.

Stayed at River House, ate at one of the pubs and the Old Barn Cafe, all excellent, especially River House

January 2018. Joe 
Recently been on a one to one course with Annabelle learning the basics of blacksmithing, wasn't expecting to get such a substantial amount done! One of the best days I've had & left with some beautiful bits we made. Annabelle filled me with brews all day & we had a proper laugh all the way through. I'd definitely recommend to anyone who wants to try blacksmithing or just wanting to have a go at a new, fun experience. 

April 2017. Steve & Fiona
Comments: We had a fantastic day with Annabelle at Malham Smithy. Annabelle is incredibly talented and was able to pass on sufficient knowledge and skill during the day that we both came away with two pieces that we can be proud of. Having never done any blacksmithing before our expectations were far exceeded in terms of our individual work. If you are thinking of having a go then take the plunge, we both had a very enjoyable day and a fantastic experience and will be returning to have another go!
What did you forge?: A coat hook and a poker 

I loved this. I have no gift for art whatsoever but that didn't put Annabelle off. She calmly explained what things I could damage (mainly myself) and what things I shouldn't touch ("if you drop the piece you're working on, fight the instinct to grab it, it will hurt") and spent the next few hours showing me how to make a curly hook and a bottle-opener with a slightly wrong looking ram's head on top - the wrongness was all my doing as Annabelle's looked great. She makes a great brew and advised that The Buck is welcoming of people in their work clothes, as well as being about twelve paces across the road and serving Theakstones. Everyone I've told that I was doing/did this course has been/is jealous. Also quite amusing to watch the punters come in look at me (I'm quite a big bloke) and then twig that the slim blonde next to me is actually the one who knows what she's doing at the anvil and I'm the interloper. Great fun and hugely instructive.

Nick - July 2015

I had a Great time with Lady Annabelle, even though I showed up in shorts and t-shirt I was lucky not to get any metal flakes on me. By midday she had me make a bended curly hook, and Leaf keyring that turned out to be more a leaf paper
Her forge is small and cozy and just opposite a pub and cafe. there is an easy atmosphere when working with her and you also get the occasional walk in, looking at her work for sale and watching you work on your masterpiece..haha which for me made it even more fun.
after lunch I tried making a garden decoration.... which had me cursing and laughing...
Annabelle was patient and only stepped in when I found myself lost or unsure of my next step, otherwise she left me to my great struggle and creative curse words (which was spoken using my inside voice)..
I would greatly recommend this course and in fact I plan to go again in the future. 
Thanks Annabelle

James Henderson - June 2015

We agree with everyone that Annabelle is an excellent, experienced and patient teacher, as well as an extremely skilled and creative blacksmith. It was a wonderful course and an extraordinary, slightly surreal / magical interlude in our ordinary lives. However, we do have our four solid handcrafted products (good enough to give away as presents) - and the knowledge of how we produced them - to show for it ! We are also aching slightly from our exertions on yesterday's courses: it does mean standing up continually for two 3-3.5 hour sessions, focusing on what your hammer and hot metal is doing ! Thanks again, Annabelle, for such an inspirational and memorable experience.

Jeremy & Sylvia - June 2015

We had a great day in Malham at the Smithy, Chris's favourite birthday gift so far! Annabelle is an excellent teacher, very patient & encouraging. And you start creating a project right away! Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try something different. Thanks Annabelle!
amy & chris - April 2015

My partner and I had a fantastic day in Malham with Annabelle, it was great to have one-on-one tuition and we were really pleased with the amount we learnt during the day and the items we took home. Malham is a beautiful little village and the pub we ate at was excellent. I would fully recommend this course, especially as a gift.

Carmen Mason - November 2014

A day to remember and great value for money. Annabelle was an excellent tutor, being patient, motivating and inspiring me to turn my ideas into reality by taking me through all the basic blacksmith skills. I would fully recommend this course for anyone keen to use their hands to craft something genuinely unique in this character-filled smithy.

Philip Ray - November 2014

Brilliant course- excellent value for money! I completed a day course in October and thoroughly enjoyed it. I made a few small projects which I am very pleased with & hope to build upon if I can. Hope to come back to the forge in the new year if possible and see how much I can remember. Annabelle is extremely friendly and patient - an excellent tutor! There are a couple of really nice pubs nearby and also a good cafe for lunch/dinner. B&B's are next door and also a reasonably priced youth hostel if you need accommodation!

Craig - October 2014

Fantastic course both I and my 16 year old son had a great time. In the morning we began by learning a number of basic blacksmithing techniques which we used to make an ornate wall hook. Annabelle was an excellent tutor taking us through each step with patience and enthusiasm. After a substantial lunch at the local pub we progressed to making in my case a rat tail toasting fork and in my son's case a rams head hook. A great experience.

Stuart Hoare - September 2014

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